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Viscose Material Yarn and Fabric Suppliers are base in mainly  

All Viscose Fabrics can be supplied from KMK MODA LTD located in Istanbul/Turkey 


  1. *Single Jersey   Viscose/Elastane  (Crep)

  2. *Single Jersey   Viscose/Elastane  (Ring)

  3. *Single Jersey   Viscose/Elastane  (Flammed)

  4. *Single Jersey   %100 Viscose     (Crep)

  5. *Single Jersey   %100 Viscose     (Ring)

  6. *Single Jersey   %100 Viscose     (Ring - Merserized)

  7. *1x1 Rib           %100 Viscose     (Ring)

  8. *1x1 Rib           Viscose/Elastane (Ring)

  9. *Single Jersey   Rayon/Elastane 

  10. *Single Jersey   %100 Rayon    

  11. *Single Jersey   Mikromodal/Elastane

Viscose profile

Name: Viscose

Gender: Unisex

Age: About 118 Years old

Birthday: Founded in 1894

Status: Commonly Used

Hometown: USA

ViscOse occupation

Industry: Textiles

Occupation: Material

School: High Fashion

Location: Worldwide

Vıscose favorites

T-shirts : This high quality and elagance material is preferred for any types of women apparel but especially the t-shirts in designs.It is used both plain or allover printed.

Tunics : As well as T-shirts , Tunics are the same range of products, only difference is , Tunics are usually made from %100 Viscose instead of Viscose/EA

Dresses : Plain Dresses and Printed ones all look perfect with this actually natural material Viscose which It is sometimes called artificial Silk.

Nightwears : Softness and breathing is always desired for nightwear clothing.Viscose gives what is asked.

Many more : Underwears , Shirts ,Tops, Cardigans are also favorites of the Viscose.


Istanbul / TURKEY