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Viscose fiber is made from purified cellulose, it is produced from specially processed wood pulp. Viscose is very similar to cotton and silk . It is a fine and soft material commonly used in t-shirts , tunics , shirts and dresses ,all of them ,includes cellulose.
There are two kinds of fibres: natural (cotton, wool and silk) ; and artificial ones synthesised out of petrochemicals (nylon and polyester). Viscose  raw material for viscose is cellulose which is broken down either mechanically or chemically and reformed as fibres. Actually Viscose seems  in between but it is commonly accepted that Viscose fiber is natural.Viscose fibre is gained by the process of the special wood.
Here you can see the steps , how viscose is transformed from wood to fiber

History of Viscose (Rayon)

There are different kinds of rayons, and most of them are highly absorbent, easy to dye, soft on the skin  and became very popular when it was first produced. Viscose (commonly known as Rayon),  was made  to substitute for the expensive silk.First manufacturer  is an American Company  Avtex Fibers Inc.  They made first production in 1910. Viscose material is softer than cotton and more springy than silk. Viscose is comfortable to wear
There are two types of fibers, they are called naturals and artificials. Natural fibers are cotton, wool and silk and artificial are synthesized with petrochemicals like nylon and polyester. Even it is considered to be synthetic, it is not,  it is made from tree cellulose.

Viscose:  Mr.Georges Audemars developed the first rayon fibre around 1855, but his method was impractical for commercial use. Hilaire de Charbonnet, Comte de Chardonnay, patented "Chardonnay silk" in 1884, but it was so flammable it had no safe use. Finally, in 1894, Charles Frederick Cross, Edward John Bevan, and Clayton Beadle patented the first safe and practical artificial silk, which they named "viscose". Avtex Fibers Incorporated began selling their formulation in 1910 in the United States.

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Top google websearches and answers ;
fabric viscose        ; The material made from Viscose Fibre.
viscose fabrics      ; Same with the one above.
viscose cloth         ; The Apprael made from Viscose Material.
viscose polyester  ; Common blend of Viscose and Poliester Fibres mixed before Yarn producing.
polyester viscose  ; Same with the one above.
100 viscose          ; Viscose knit or wowen material which is pure. (Forexample no elastane)
viscose yarn         ; Yarn made from Viscose Fibre.
cotton viscose      ; Common blend of Viscose and Cotton Fibres mixed before Yarn producing.
viscose cotton      ; Same with the one above.
viscose fiber         ; The Fiber which is produced from the celulose of Special Trees.
viscose fibre         ; Same with the one above.
viscose material   ; The Fabric made from Viscose Fibre.
viscose dress        ; The Dress  made from Viscose Fabric.
viscose wash        ; Is same as Cotton Wash , but avoid pulling Viscose when it is wet.

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Wikipedia  says ;

Viscose is a viscous organic liquid[1] used to make rayon and cellophane. Viscose is becoming synonymous with rayon, a soft material commonly used in shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, and other outer wear.”

What is Viscose ?

Viscose profile

Name: Viscose

Gender: Unisex

Age: About 118 Years old

Birthday: Founded in 1894

Status: Commonly Used

Hometown: USA

ViscOse occupation

Industry: Textiles

Occupation: Material

School: High Fashion

Location: Worldwide

Vıscose favorites

T-shirts : This high quality and elagance material is preferred for any types of women apparel but especially the t-shirts in designs.It is used both plain or allover printed.

Tunics : As well as T-shirts , Tunics are the same range of products, only difference is , Tunics are usually made from %100 Viscose instead of Viscose/EA

Dresses : Plain Dresses and Printed ones all look perfect with this actually natural material Viscose which It is sometimes called artificial Silk.

Nightwears : Softness and breathing is always desired for nightwear clothing.Viscose gives what is asked.

Many more : Underwears , Shirts ,Tops, Cardigans are also favorites of the Viscose.


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The Viscose Fibre Line

Step by Step Video

The Viscose Fibre Line

Step by Step Video

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