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High quality production has been our main aim, and with exacting quality control at all stages of production, from yarn through to finished garments, we have striven to give the utmost customer satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to become the most preferred company, that makes a difference in all areas of activity; from our clients to sub-contractors, and from human resources to high quality production, as well as being human health and environmentally conscious, by utilizing high level of expertise, know-how and technology.
T-shirts , Tunics , Tops , Dresses , Shirts , Nightwears with materials of.
Visoce or Viscose /EA
Modal , Micromodal
%100 Cotton or Cotton Elastane
Those are the ones which we are well experienced.

Name:  Viscose
Gender:  Unisex
Age: About 118 Years old
Birthday:  Founded in 1894
Status: Commonly Used
Hometown: USA

Industry: Textiles
Occupation: Material
School: High Fashion
Location: Worldwide

T-shirts : This high quality and elagance material is preferred for any types of women apparel but especially the t-shirts in designs.It is used both plain or allover printed.
Tunics : As well as T-shirts , Tunics are the same range of products, only difference is , Tunics are usually made from %100 Viscose instead of Viscose/EA
Dresses : Plain Dresses and Printed ones all look perfect with this actually natural material Viscose which It is sometimes called artificial Silk.
Nightwears : Softness and breathing is always desired for nightwear clothing.Viscose gives what is asked.
Many more : Underwears , Shirts ,Tops, Cardigans are also favorites of the Viscose.
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